Let’s stop pretending voting with stickers is a good technique for adults to effectively prioritize among options. We know it’s not. Sticker-dot voting is not reliable because of the bandwagon effect, vote splitting, choice overload, and how easy it is to mess up or cheat. It may be quick and fun, but I wouldn’t trust sticky dots with deciding anything important – not even pizza toppings.

If you agree, no need to read on. Here is the new group decision-making tool to use instead: Feedback Frames 

Feedback Frames are a non-electronic gadget I invented for secret rate-voting with instant visual results. Participants drop one token per a frame on a scale of agreement to record their opinion, and sign to validate it. You can get them at FeedbackFrames.com 

Still need to be convinced that sticker dots are not to be trusted for recording opinions? Then you should read the full “Dotmocracy is Brokenarticle with photos

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