What is Dotmocracy?

The term “Dotmocracy” has been used to describe two differnt types of meeting facilitation tools and techniques:
  1. sticker dot voting
  2. idea rating sheets
Both are fun group activites used to help participants recognize their collective opinions.
Although idea rating sheets have some features in common with dot voting (also known as “multi-voting”)  there are some important differences that make rating sheets a better choice for reliably helping large groups to find agreement among many suggestions.  View the slide show to learn more...

This web site used to be for "Dotmocracy Sheets".  I changed the name to "idea rating sheets" in September 2014.  Here is why.




I love dots
I use dots a lot
Sticky coloured dots on flip-charts where different ideas or issues or suggestions are made
Dots on mind maps Dots on maps Dots on grids
Agree in green Kind of agree in orange Disagree in red
Big luminous dots as a big BONUS DOT (if nothing else happens this MUST happen etc.)
But for me the Dotmocracy sheets miss the point - they are filled in and taken away to be analysed and used to back up decisions
The dots show an indication of what people think but this should be the start of a really interesting discussion
Get the dotters to do their own analusis and work out what they think the dots are saying
The dots become the catalyst for debate
What are the patterns Do you agree with the patterns Why is there this pattern

The dots aren't the end - they are just the beginning.

Stickers are interesting. Sheets are different

I agree that the Dotmocracy Sheets are quite different compared to sticker dot voting, see dotmocracy.org/compare_traditional A good debate or conversation can very powerful, but I find it does not scale up to large groups, and tends to privilidge the most confident speakers. Dotmocracy sheets are give everyone an equal chance to make a statement and have their opinion recorded even in the largest of groups. In any case, I am planning to chance the name of Dotmocracy Sheets to help avoid this comparison.

online tool

Hello, investigating on this subject I found this free software option that seems pretty good: https://www.loomio.org/about#purpose
Project lead talks about the platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vCL4I19o9U