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A New Name for Dotmocracy Sheets - First Round Survey Results

Thank you to the 179 wonderful individuals who responded to my “A New Name for Dotmocracy Sheets” survey  in late November 2013. Below is a quick summary, with complete details attached as a PDF.

Who Participated

Respondents were a decent spread of ages from about 25 to 74, although those under 35 or over 65 were less represented than in the average English speaking population (e.g. U.K, Canada, USA).

About 90% of respondents had used Dotmocracy sheets, and of these users, a minority of 41% were professional facailitators.

Dotmocracy Sheets Need a New Name

See the results of the November 2013 Name Survey, that followed this posting from October 2013.


The time has come for Dotmocracy Sheets to get a new name that is unique and not confused with sticker dot-voting.

(Read Background on why a name change is needed and what should be considered when choosing a new name)


Below are some of the best new name ideas I could come up with to replace "Dotmocracy":

Dotmocracy Sheets Need a New Name - Background

Dotmocracy Sheets are not the same as Sticker Dot-VotingDotmocracy Sheets are not the same as Sticker Dot-VotingSince 2004, when I created and shared my first Dotmocracy Sheet, I ran into the problem of people assuming it was the same or similar to traditional s

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