Dotmocracy Sheet .doc is Easy to Edit, Customize and Translate

I'm excited to share a newly created DOC format of the original Dotmocracy Sheet. This standard file can be opened in  Microsoft Word, and other popular word processors, making it easy to modify, such as changing some of the wording, adding elements or translating into your preferred language.

Download it from the newly created Library of Dotmocracy Sheets

If you have created a custom or translated  Dotmocracy Sheet, please send me a copy so we can share it this site too!

Método "¿Que opinas?" - recursos en español

Ver una presentacion de este método en use en una comunidad

O descarga PDF version (1400 KB) o PPS version (1890 KB)

Facilitators Group

In March 2007 we started a discussion mailing list for people who facilitate the dotmocracy processes within their organizations and communities. We invite both novice facilitators and professional consultants to subscribe.

  • Get answers to your facilitation questions.
  • Share best practices and experiences.
  • Post links to helpful resources.
  • Deliberate improvements to the Dotmocracy web site and handbook.

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