Rules and Requirements


To facilitate a Dotmocracy session that is reliable, accountable, fair for all participants, and which promotes useful results, follow these rules:

  1. The official Dotmocracy facilitator(s) are authoritative and responsible for the Dotmocracy process, but maintain neutral opinions on the session‘s content.
  2. Each participant may only fill in one dot per Dotmocracy sheet.
  3. Participants must sign each sheet that they dot.
  4. Participants may dot as many or as few sheets as they please during the session.
  5. There are no changes to an idea's text inside the idea box once dotting has started on that sheet.
  6. Participants have the right to keep their dotting choices secret and their comments anonymous.
  7. A Dotmocracy sheet should only be removed from the dotting process by the official facilitator(s).

When a facilitator fails to follow these rules, it degrades the process. Just like in sport and law, rules promote fairness and reliability. The design of the Dotmocracy sheets, in combination with these rules, has been refined to ensure participants‘ ideas and opinions will be collected in a transparent, constructive, and accountable manner. Following these rules will help you to build trust with participants and observers in both the Dotmocracy process and in yourself as a Dotmocracy facilitator.

Required Posted Information

For each Dotmocracy session, the following information should be posted for all participants to easily read:

  1. The basic process instructions.
  2. The preamble and references to any related information materials.
  3. The question(s) to be addressed.
  4. An explanation of where and when a copy of the complete results will be accessible.
  5. A statement describing how the results will be used by the hosting organization(s).
  6. The hosting organization(s) name and contact details.
  7. The official facilitator(s) name and contact details.

Posting this information provides a consistent explanation about the session and who is responsible for it.


If you have suggestions for improving these rules and requirements, please post your comments below.