Example of Posted Instructions

The following simple instructions could be posted on a Dotmocracy wall next to the preamble, questions and other required information about the session.

Dotmocracy Instructions

  1. Read a suggestion posted on a Dotmocracy sheet below, fill-in one dot to record your opinion, sign the sheet, and optionally add any comments.
  2. You may dot as many or as few sheets as you please.
  3. If you have new suggestions, clearly write each idea on its own Dotmocracy sheet and post them on the wall for dotting



While further instruction details could be given, I have found that these three points are often enough to get people fully participating.  Too much text and many people may be turned off from taking part, especially in a non-meeting situation.   Of course, the questions being addressed need to be the most prominent text posted on the wall, larger than the instructions.

If the Dotmocracy wall is very long you should post repeat copies of the instructions and other information every 5 meters (16 feet) or so.