Junior School Project: to improve our lunchroom


We used Dotmocracy to help with the an inquiry process that we were doing school-wide to improve our lunchroom. We conducted the process working with K-5 children and adults. It was a wonderful clarifying process. Our ultimate result was a greatly improved lunchroom.

Date / Time: 
3 month process, one day of dotting
Name of Facilitator(s): 
Donnan M. Stoicovy, Principal, Park Forest Elementary School
Total number of ideas dotted: 
Number of participants: 

 We had 30 people involved in the actual process. There were 3 kindergartners, 8 primary (1st & 2nd grade) children, 7 intermediate (3rd & 4th grade), 4 upper intermediate (5th grade), 3 paraprofessionals, 4 teachers, and 1 principal (me). The whole school gave us the information that we worked on (8 different suggestions). It was a three month process but it worked really well. The youngest children were Kindergarten (5 and 6 year olds). The only assistance they needed was in reading some of the points in the sheets that they were voting on and to help them record their comments. They could fill in the dots and sign their names. We did an explanation to everyone at the beginning describing the 5 choices or "Confused". When we did our Dotmocracy session, we had the 8 statements & Dotmocracy sheets on separate tables and each group had an adult to help with reading and writing for the younger children. We rotated when we knew that each group was done with the statement that they were looking at. We thought about posting but we found the rotation of the tables worked well. Attached below is the Power Point presentation created by the kids who participated.


We really love the Dotmocracy process. It gave all participants a chance to decide where they stood on something without being pressured by anyone else.

From the kids who participated:

"Everybody seemed to think it was awesome and we had a lot of fun discussing the matters of the problem and solution. By the way everyone worked it looked like everyone had a good time."

"Teachers, Paras, students, and everyone else liked Dotmocracy and they liked that everyone could write down everything they liked and disliked. Everyone got a chance to talk and say what they wanted."

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