Is there an online or software version of Dotmocracy?

So far the closest things to Dotmocracy online are - Loomio is a super simple hosted service with comment forums where you users can post proposals and vote: Agree, Abstain, Disagree or Block, along with a brief explanation of why.  Users can change their position any time.  Price starts at free! - MixedInk allows users to post ideas and rate them on 5 point scale of agreement.  You can also post comments, and copy, combine and redraft ideas. It is a free tool and I recommend trying it out. - seems like a simple 5-star idea rating tool, with commenting. Starts at $35 a month - meant for in-meeting participant interaction through net connected smart phones / tablets and main projected screen. $25 a month and up.



Alternatively there are many other online tools that allow users to post ideas and to rate them.  Below are a few of the better options. 

  • IdeaScale
    Post, reply and vote (up / down) on ideas, although not their comments. $15 - $99 a month. Unlimited users and content.
  • Soap Box
    Proven system with good social media integration, but not cheap. No pricing listed.
    Sophisticated tool set including idea rating, surveys and more. Too bad it just reports cumulative stars, not average rating. Focused on public engagement. No pricing posted.
  • Your Priorities
    A free open source application used to great success in Iceland for edmocracy. Simple up/down voting.  
  • cbased
    " a toolkit for participative decision-making processes"  no screen shots or pricing, but impresive list of clients
  • Get Satisfaction
    Starting at $425/mo
  • UserVoice
    A sophisticated forum tool where users can post ideas and vote on them with a limited number of votes, similar to traditional dot-voting. Price starts at free.
  • KindlingApp
    Submit ideas, vote (+ / -) limited number of votes. Post & reply to comments.  Watch, edit, view changes, approve and volunteer for ideas. Grouped by "rooms".  $49 month for 40 user.  $99 month 100 users $416 month ($500 year) for 100 users Enterprise version. Designed for organizations. 
  • IdeaVibes 
    Part of a consulting model.No pricing listed.
  • Organized Feedback
    Seems quite sophisticated. No pricing listed
    This site recreates the sticky notes brainstorm, theme, summarize and rating of offline facilitation.  Seems like a decent system, but they are not a simple hosted service. Seems like you need to have more of defined big project and pay for their consulting fees.  No pricing posted.
  • Dialogue App - Yet another great online tool from the good people at Delib (UK). Similar to MixeInk, but maybe a bit simpler and more traditional blog/forum type interface, users post ideas rate on 5 star scale and post comments.  Price is about $6400 per year, with unlimited participation but max 8 topics. Delib is focused on "digital democracy" tools for government, whom would find this price quite reasonable..
  • Bright Idea
    Suite of tools. No price and not much for screen shots of demo.
  • Chaordix
    Full service consultating, along with their platform. No pricing.
  • NoscoApp
    New idea rating service.  Seems very intuitive and easy to use.  Free trial, but no prices listed.
  • Google Moderator
  • Free to use and simple to set-up this new Google application has a lot of potential. Unfortunately you need to have a Google Account to participate and voting is only limited to "yes" "no" "skip" or "flag as inapproriate". 
  • FacilitatePro
    An excellent collection of tools for brainstorming, categorizing, priortization / voting, action planning, surveying and documenting. Unfortunately you are looking at around $19,240 USD for license fees and training.
  • CoVision's WebCouncil
    This is a key application used by AmericaSpeaks for their 21st Century Town Hall Meetings. They don't tell you much about the software on their public site but I can tell you it cost over $10,000 USD for set-up, training and license. You can peak at a demo at
    Software and services for live large group decision-making. Their main application called ThinkTank looks quite ideal, except for the price, which was around US $35 seat/day, $105 seat/week, or $200 seat/month (a seat is required for every logged in user).
  • Delphi Decision Aid
    This is a free-ware application for hosting a basic Delphi method which has similar characteristic to Dotmocracy. Unfortunatly the usability is lacking in the software interface.
  • Discussion Forums (phpBB, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups)
    The free bulletin board software phpBB includes an optional module for rating postings. Both free Yahoo groups and Google groups allows users to post topics, comment and to rate each comment.
    Ning is a free social network tool  that includes options for user five-star rating of content.
  • Drupal CMS with VoteAPI module
    Drupal is a free content management system that is very flexible.  Drupal savvy web developers can implement a website that includes rating of posted content using the VoteAPI and relate modules.

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Hi folks I rather like this concept and am keen to adapt it for online purposes. One of the nearest pieces of free online help to run something similar to Dotmocracy I've found is: It offers all sorts of other aids to personal understanding alongside it, but the poll it creates is quite modifiable and works fairly well. My view at present is that anyone voting needs to see the trend as soon as they've voted, just like the dotmocracy forms. Hope this encourages and helps

Limits of polling

Thanks for the link! Easy to use online polling tools are like Dotmocracy in that they allow individuals to see other people's responses to their proposed ideas. Keep in mind, polls often are multiple choice questions forcing respondents to choose between competing options. For example: "What flavour do you like most: a) chocolate b) peanut butter c) other." Such a poll forces you to choose between two flavours, with no options to say "both", nor will the poller know what the "other" popular flavours might be. In short, traditional polling restricts respondents to the multiple choice options presented. Dotmocracy always invites respondents to write their own statements and see if others also agree. and these other web services I am recommending do include options for participants to post new statements to be rated.

crowd hall is another

appgree is another option

meeting sphere looks promising