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Gerard Murphy
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I inadvertently discovered the dotmocracy posters in the spring as I was preparing to facilitate a session - and since then have used them with 3-4 different groups, e.g a) university faculty as they explored creative ways to partner with their external community and b) stakeholders interested in planning for diversity and social inclusion in a regional health authority. I love the fact that they 'force' folks to actually stop and weigh in on each individual item - different than typical dotmocracy processes. I'm quite kinesthetic and the idea of moving folks around the room to stop at each poster was very appealing! And the opportunity to build in a SWOT analysis is perfect. Participants have reacted very positively to the dotmocracy posters - I blow them up to 11" x 17" in size and they become very visual and easy to work with. An excellent toll to support a democratic decision making process.
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