Share Your Dotmocracy Stories and Pictures!

 Soon I plan to release a new version of the Dotmocracy Handbook and I need to know:

  • Have the Dotmocracy Sheets and instructions worked for you?

  • What worked well and how could the Handbook be improved?

Please contact me with your stories and suggestions. I would especially love to see photos of groups using the Dotmocracy Sheets.

You are also invited to post comments directly on pages of this site, join and start a conversation on the Dotmocracy Facilitators Google group or submit a short case study

If you are really savvy, you could post pictures from your Dotmocracy session on, tag it with Dotmocracy and it will soon appear in the gallery.

I will use your suggestions, stories, insights and photos to develop version 2.0 of the free Dotmocrcay Handbook.

Thanks in advance!

- jd