Dotmocracy at Your 2011 Conference

Photo from a conference with participants passing Dotmocracy sheets on clipboardsBig events like a conference are such amazing opportunities to recognize important agreements among the many participants with shared interests, professional experience and related work.

Here are a few ideas of how you might use Dotmocracy sheets at your next conference:
  • Gather feedback and outcomes at the end of workshops
  • Collect suggestions for questions to ask panellists or special speakers
  • Recognize shared insights and opinions at the end of each day
  • Answer key questions related to the conference theme
  • Suggest follow-up activities and next steps

Doing Dotmocracy well requires time, which is often hard to find in a packed agenda.  One option is to cut out a question and answer period that typically follows a presentation (where only a few participants get to speak) and instead use the time for a collective Dotmocracy process (where EVERYONE contributes).

A lead facilitator with support staff could help conduct one or more big Dotmocracy sessions during key times in the agenda, e.g. after opening ceremonies or after a featured talk.  A select panel of conference participants can help review and sort through the results to report back to participants at a later point in the event or afterwards via email.

To help plan your next Dotmocracy session, download a free copy of the Dotmocracy Handbook.

I would love to hear how you have made use of Dotmocracy in your work.  Send me an email sharing your story and maybe I’ll include it in the next edition of the Handbook.