How might Dotmocracy fail? What are the points of weakness?

As in any group process there are always many ways for causing the process to fail. Most are quite obvious and easy to avoid:

  • The participants are too tired, intoxicated or distracted.
  • The process is not properly explained to the participants.
  • The group does not trust the facilitator or host.
  • There is not enough time provided to address a complex question.
  • The Dotmocracy wall is not easy to find.
  • There are no working pens, blank sheets or other key materials to use.
  • The posted question and preamble is not perceived to be important to the participants.
  • The participants do not have enough correct information going into the process to produce insightful and useful results.
  • The leaders do not support the process and do not commit to really using the results.
  • The copies of results are hidden from public review and thus leaders can claim to be following group preferences, while actually following their own agenda.
  • Facilitators do not follow the process instructions, rules and requirements.

If you can think of other potential points of failure, please let us know. You can also see more factors that can improve the process and facilitation tips in the Dotmocracy handbook.