Dotmocracy Sheets Need a New Name - Background

Dotmocracy Sheets are not the same as Sticker Dot-VotingDotmocracy Sheets are not the same as Sticker Dot-VotingSince 2004, when I created and shared my first Dotmocracy Sheet, I ran into the problem of people assuming it was the same or similar to traditional sticker dot-voting (read about the difference).  

After almost 10 years of confusion and comparisons with sticker voting, I have decided it's time for a new unique name to consistently indentify and distinguish these simple sheets and their exceptional benefits.

I would really appreciate your help in coming up with a new name for "Dotmocracy Sheets".

Below is some context, what I’d like to aim for and also what to avoid (or you can skip directly to the list of name ideas).

How People Use Dotmocracy Sheets

While there are many computer based tools for large group brainstorming and idea rating, Dotmocracy Sheets are a paper “technology” used in real face-to-face meetings and shared spaces with people and pens.


People like using Dotmocracy Sheets because they are easy to learn, equal opportunity, present results visually and are fun to use.

Dotmocracy Sheets are being used all around the world, in different languages, by hundreds of professional facilitators, educators, committee chairs, managers and other community and organization leaders. 

The sheets are used as a tool for:

  • group decision-making

  • priority setting

  • building consensus

  • strategic planning

  • collaborative innovation

  • public consultation

...and many other purposes.


They are used in groups with sizes from half a dozen to hundreds of participants. They are used by all ages from children to

seniors, in many sectors, especially education, charity, volunteer, government, business and health care.


Along with the original “idea sheet” designed for recognizing agreement on idea statements, there are many other variations people have created, such as forms for collecting group opinions on:

  • Important questions

  • Good answers

  • Course or activity evaluation

  • Task scheduling

  • Risk analysis

…with other new designs being created all the time.

Suggestions for a New Name?

What to Avoid

I’m looking for a new name for these sheets.  Something unique that will not be confused with any other meeting facilitation approach or online technology.  

I’m specifically avoiding the word “dot” since you could modify the sheets to use checkmarks, ticks, or “X”, and also to avoid the dot sticker-voting association.

I’m also trying to avoid references like “democracy” or “consensus” since these terms have a lot of baggage and assumptions that are not applicable to how many people use these sheets, e.g. in corporate risk analysis or college course evaluation.

What to Aim For

The new name should be something easy to say, spell and remember.

Something that references the sheets core features, e.g. large group opinion gathering, fun, visual, open ended, statement rating, and paper based.

Something you could recommend with confidence in a corporate boardroom, public meeting and a high school classroom.

And most of all, something unique that will not be confused with almost anything else when you search for it on Google.

Send or Post Your Suggestions…

I’ve got a few name ideas (like “crowdpinion sheets” or “statement rating forms”), but I’m most interested in hearing your suggestions.


jason [at] dotmocracy [dot] org (Email me) your ideas, or better yet, post them as a comment on the list of new name ideas


I’ll collect all the new name ideas and then survey the Dotmocracy mailing list once or twice to see which ones have the most broad and enthusiastic appeal.

Thanks for your help.  I look forward to hearing your name suggestions!