Materials List

Below is an example list of materials required for conducting a Dotmocracy session in a meeting using a Dotmocracy wall with hanging cardboard clipboards.
  • Information materials for all participants
  • 2 or more copies of the question(s) printed very large
  • 2 or more copies of the instructions, preamble, how results will be used and contact information, all printed large
  • 1-2 hanging clipboards per a participant
  • 2-3 blank Dotmocracy sheets per a participant
  • Enough string or wire to span the Dotmocracy wall twice
  • 2 rolls of masking tape
  • Pens for all participants
  • Scrap paper (for participants to draft notes)
  • Chart paper and markers (for making impromptu signs)
  • Different coloured sticky not pads (to notate and help organize results)
  • Folders (for collecting the completed sheets)

Plan to have too many materials rather than not enough.  You will likely also need non-Dotmocracy meeting requirements, such as signage, name tags, tables and chairs, microphone and speakers, projector and screen, snacks, etc.