Non-profit leaders training in Niagara Falls 2004

Collecting clear direction for next steps at the conclusion of a non-profit leaders project training.
Date / Time: 
December 2004, 1 hour
Name of Facilitator(s): 
Jason Diceman
Number of participants: 
Total number of ideas dotted: 
I asked the participants to brainstorm in small groups and produce suggestions for promoting success in the project that they were all being trained on.

In December 2004, sixteen diverse non-profit leaders used an early version of the Dotmocracy process to identify and prioritize issues and outline next steps at the conclusion of a two day national web portal project training workshop.
  • 42 proposals were written and discussed
  • An average of 12 participants critically judged each proposal
  • 30 unanimously accepted suggestions were recognized, 13 of which had strong approval
  • Conducted in a single 65 minute session, including instruction and debriefing

The steering committee was able to use the written results of the Dotmocracy process to generate a clear plan of action towards successful project roll-out.

The process used the original sticker version of the Dotmocracy sheets.

A staff member recorded the results and e-mailed them to the group.


People really liked the process. Some quotes...


"I felt engaged, listened to, and invigorated by how much was accomplished."
Kirstin Beardsley
Communications & Research Officer, Developing Human Resources in the Voluntary Sector

"An excellent energizing way to bring interactive brainstorming to a whole new level. A process that gets EVERYONE involved!!"
Kathy Marshall
Executive Director, Womenspace

"Rapid and efficient"
Glory Ressler
Professional Adult Educator and Facilitator, Edge of Avalon - Avalon Consulting and Associates

"Engaging and fun"
Norm King
Director, BoardMatch Fundamentals

"I look forward to using it further"
Beth De Long
Executive Director, Pillar - Voluntary Sector Network
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