Nevada Traffic Records Coordinating Committee


I used it February with a group of about 40 who are members of what we call the statewide Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC), a grant funded project representing law enforcement and traffic engineering professionals here in Nevada. Dotmocracy worked like a charm in an exercise to update the objectives of our strategic plan.

Date / Time: 
February 2008, 2 hours
Name of Facilitator(s): 
Charles Lambert and two assistants
Number of participants: 
Total number of ideas dotted: 

The Dotmocracy instructions were posted in the room and provided to the breakout chair as well. The entire group got an overview first.


I followed Dotmocracy exactly. I posted all our old goals and objectives on charts around the meeting room, along with the laws and policies that drive our TRCC. I posted Dotmocracy voting sheets next to them with related questions and proposed objectives. Due to the size of the group, in the end I had two breakout groups prioritize action items for our annual strategic plan update, using the completed Dotmocracy voting sheets and process. Two of us monitored the groups to keep them in the Dotmocracy process. I found it interesting that both breakout groups added objectives during the process. As a side observation, the group process also brought the disciplines closer together by discussing and solving mutual problems within the Dotmocracy structure. Each breakout group them made a presentation to the entire committee, which I tasked reconcile the lists and vote on the final. I started the process at the end of one meeting day, let it cook overnight, and brought them back to the process the following morning. Total elapsed time was probably about four hours.

As far as I know, it is the first time the group ever agreed on anything this complex in any amount of time, and the back end also identified some folks with leadership potential, and an expressed (1) surprise that they had the power to do these things, and (2) a desire to continue with the process in the future, which they memorialized as action item #10 in our strategic plan.

There are a lot of group facilitation plans out there. I stumbled on Dotmocracy in a Google search because I wasn't comfortable with others I've used. The well developed Dotmocracy process controls I credit most; in our disparate group of engineers and cops, the controls went a long way to keep focus in the group(s) without alienating anyone.

Public contact information: 

Charles Lambert
Traffic Records Coordinator
Nevada Department of Public Safety
Office of Traffic Safety
107 Jacobsen Wy
Carson City NV 89701