Karma Food Co-op 2004 Annual General Meeting

In parallel with the meeting agenda, members were invited to post and dot ideas for the co-op. We used an early version of the dotmocracy sheet with stickers.
Date / Time: 
October 25th 2004,
Name of Facilitator(s): 
Jason Diceman, Sophia Wong
Total number of ideas dotted: 
Number of participants: 
"Throughout the meeting, speakers will pose questions and mention issues that need to be addressed. If you would like to propose a solution, write it on a proposal sheet. Please write large and clearly. Include only one proposal per a proposal sheet. Once you have a completed one or more proposal sheets, pass it to a Dotmocracy facilitator who will tape it to the back wall."

"When the opportunity arises (e.g. when getting food, during a break or as you leave) go to the Dotmocracy wall and review the posted suggestions. After reading and considering a posted proposal, place one sticker in the multi-vote box the best reflects your opinion of the proposal. Any adult member can vote on any number proposals, even if you have not submitted any proposal sheets. You may also post comments and concerns under a proposal using a sticky note."

We received proposals through out the first part of the meeting. Almost all of the dotting was done during the 15 minute break. We used dot stickers and comments using post-it notes. People found it to be fun.

See complete results in PDF report (860 KB).

See a photo.


Having the dotmocracy wall close to the food table helped promote use, although it got rather crowded at times. The use of sticky-notes for comments worked but were hard to archive. Brighter lighting would have made it easy to read.