BikeCamp TO

BikeCamp TO was a one day unconference hosted by the Toronto Cyclist Union. The event used an Open Space approach. At the end of various workshops participants generated ideas for actions that were then dotted.
Date / Time: 
October 17th 2009
Name of Facilitator(s): 
Jason Diceman, Daniel Rose
Discussing Dotmocracy Results
Number of participants: 
Total number of ideas dotted: 
At the beginning of the Open Space process, participants were asked to consider "What practical actions should we do together to make a lasting positive impact on bike culture & infrastructure in Toronto?" Posted on the wall: At approximately 3:30pm today, we will review the results of the Dotmocracy process and suggest the formation of a number of break-out Action Sessions that will each create a draft plan to turn the popularly supported ideas in to reality. The results of this Dotmocracy process will be published on the website within two weeks following the event.