Big Carrot food co-op member meeting

The Big Carrot food co-op used dotmocracy to inform the policy decision concerning staff uniforms.
Date / Time: 
January 2005, 30 minutes
Name of Facilitator(s): 
Jason Diceman
Number of participants: 
Total number of ideas dotted: 

I gave a brief explanation of the dotmocracy process. The issue of staff identification was already well understood by the members present. The two questions posted on the dotmocracy wall were:

1. What can we wear to identify ourselves to customers as Big Carrot employees?

2. What can we wear to identify which department we each work in?



The 30 minute dotmocracy session was part of the bi-weekly staff meeting for the 45 member/owners.

While a clear winner was not recognized immediately, the results were reviewed later and did inform a final policy of eusing an identifying shirt pin.

They have since used dotmocracy for other decisions, such as renovations to their interior.


It took some real encouragement to get some members our of their chairs and dotting. There were also a few joke ideas posted that did not seem to discredit the process.