Agreement Score Equation



People should generally be able to sort through results visually recognizing which sheets have the most agreement with minimal disagreement.  To make the process more objective and rigorous, and/or for convenience when sorting results in a spreadsheet, you could possibly apply an "agreement score" algorithm that produces a single comparable score for each posted idea.  Below is one possible algorithm that could be applied.

To be scored a sheet must have a minimum of 12 total dots (& signatures) or 2/3 the number of participants if less than 18 total participants.

Add each of the following:

(Strong_Agreement_Dots  *  10  +  Agreement_Dots  *  5  +  Disagreement_Dots  *  -5  +  Strong_Disagreement_Dots  *  -10)  

/  (Strong_Agreement_Dots  +  Agreement_Dots  +  Disagreement_Dots  +  Strong_Disagreement_Dots)


The sum would give an absolute score that favors those ideas with the most agreement and least amount of disagreement.  But I'm still not sure what to do about "Neutral Dots" or "Confusion" in the scoring, nor if the total number of dots should a factor in the total score.