A New Name for Dotmocracy Sheets - First Round Survey Results

Thank you to the 179 wonderful individuals who responded to my “A New Name for Dotmocracy Sheets” survey  in late November 2013. Below is a quick summary, with complete details attached as a PDF.

Who Participated

Respondents were a decent spread of ages from about 25 to 74, although those under 35 or over 65 were less represented than in the average English speaking population (e.g. U.K, Canada, USA).

About 90% of respondents had used Dotmocracy sheets, and of these users, a minority of 41% were professional facailitators.


Opinions on Benefits of Dotmocracy Sheets

While all the 13 of the benefits of Dotmocracy sheets listed were seen as important, the top four that stood out by Dotmocracy users were:

  1. Equal opportunity to participate

  2. Highly visual results

  3. Easy to learn and use

  4. Can be used for very large groups

The three most frequently chossen keywords to describe the benefits of using Dotmocracy sheets by users were:

  1. Participatory

  2. Visual

  3. Collaborative

“Easy” was a distant forth, followed by the eight other keywords offered.

Opinions on New Ideas

Of the 41 new name ideas presented, there was no option that did not receive at least 20% dislike or really dislike. In fact only 5 of the name ideas resulted with a majority of like over dislike.  These top five were:

  1. CollaboRater

  2. WEvaluate

  3. Groupinion

  4. Smart Crowd

  5. Idea Rating

Side Note:  Turns out “Groupinion” is an online app for smart phones and Facebook.  Even if the app is not used much, the name has been taken. It also sounds like “Groupon” which is popular deal-of-the-day website.

New Suggestions

As part of the survey, I received over 140 other unique name suggestions.  Of these here are handful that I thought we better than most:

  • Visual Opinion

  • Allpinion

  • VisIdea

  • Participaper

  • Viewpoint

  • Opinion Scale

  • Visual Feedback

You can see the complete survey summary and long list of idea names received attached below.


Complete survey results with charts and graphs98.71 KB
All Additional Name Suggestions16.56 KB