Smiley Stickers in a Smart Way

The 2012 Prize for Most Innovative Use of Dotmocracy goes to Martha Griffin in Dublin, Ireland.

Martha came up with a unique method that has the fun of voting with big smiley face stickers, and still the sophistication of rating ideas on a five point scale. Here is her story...

Martha works with the Gateway Mental Health Project, a community based member led initiative for people with self-experience of mental ill health.   The project aims to support the integration of members into the social, cultural, educational and commercial/working life of the community.

She has used Dotmocracy on multiple occasions with members to help decide which training courses and programs should be prioritized for funding applications.

One of her typical workshops would last about 2 hours, and include pizza and fruit to sustain the group.  Participants start with individual idea writing and then form groups of 2-3 to compare and short-list their suggestions. In the end, they may have about a dozen different training ideas to prioritize. Each idea would be written on it's own piece of blank paper in large letters and posted on a sticky wall (made of parachute material sprayed with arts and crafts spray mount).  Participants would then be provided with piles of five different kinds of cut-out faces, symbolizing:

  • Really like
  • Kind of like
  • Neither like or dislike
  • Kind of dislike
  • Really dislike

Smiley Face Stickers on 5-point scape

Participants would then stick these faces next to the various ideas, one per an idea, to show their level of support for each.

The results were a graph-like visual representation of the groups preferences on a five point rating scale, similar to a standard Dotmocracy sheets, but completed in a more tangible and fun way using large smiley face stickers.
Martha has used this hybrid Dotmocracy approach many times in the past year, and she says "...people love it and I enjoy using it."


Thanks for trying something new and sharing your experience, Martha. Your signed copy of the Dotmocracy Handbook is in the mail.