Using Dotmocracy to Fight Homelessness

Housing Collaborative Example Dotmocracy ResultHousing Collaborative Example Dotmocracy ResultThe 2012 Prize for Most Inspiring Use of Dotmocracy goes to Christine Galvin in Port Clinton, Ohio, USA.

Christine is a founding member of the Ottawa County Housing Collaborative, a public/private multi-agency partnership that encourages advocacy and education regarding housing needs. Their collaborators represent a wide range of important local organizations, including the government housing authority, planning commissions, schools, family services and charities such as Habitat for Humanity and the United Way.

She described how their group was was stuck in a failed strategic planning process for two or three years; in her words "spinning our wheels, and getting nowhere". She brought the Dotmocracy process to a three hour meeting of about 20 community members. Responding to three well crafted statements of the group's goals, they generated a list of over 60 action ideas.

Using the simple Dotmocracy sheets, and with some colourful markers (to make it more fun), they quickly dotted their levels of agreement and were able to shortlist and come to consensus on eight key "action steps". These agreed upon statements have become the foundation of their Ten Year Strategic Plan to End Homelessness in Ottawa County.


Congratulations, Christine, on accomplishing this important work towards solving what is an all too common challenge in so many of our communities. Your signed copy of the Dotmocracy Handbook will be sent to you shortly.


-Jason Diceman